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  • James White

Long Term Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common symptoms people come to Taunton Health. Actually any chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist will probably tell you that this is the most common thing they see in their clinics.

The variety of reasons causes people give us for their back pain are massive. Things like sneezing, lifting weights, picking up children, twisting, rolling over in bed, even just laughing!

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These reasons people give us really should be thought of as the ‘trigger’. I call them triggers as they are the thing that triggered the back pain but not the true cause of the back pain. For example if picking up a child was the true cause of the back pain then wouldn’t everyone who picks up a child get back pain?

The true underlying reason as to why someone gets back pain has to do with the alignment and stability of their backs.

If someone’s spine is out of alignment and they have no stability then it’s only a matter of time before their back ‘goes out’ due to doing something simple and usually harmless. If it wasn’t picking up your child on Monday then it could be getting out of the car on Tuesday.

The point of all this is that to fully correct the back pain and make sure that it doesn’t keep coming back over and over again you need to find and correct the underlying cause of the problem.

From the thousands of back that I have helped over the years I can tell you that most of the time there is a degree of misalignment, immobility and/or instability that needs to be addressed.

Where ever you are in the country, if you are getting long term back problems then you should find someone who is trained to analyse and correct any back issues that you may have. If you’re struggling to find someone in your area then drop us an email and we’ll help you find someone.

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