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What We Treat...

Back Pain

One of the most common things we help people with at Taunton Health is back pain. Low back, mid back and upper back...we do it all. 

If you're suffering with back pain then give us a call today and see how we can help you.

back pain taunon
back pain taunton
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Neck Pain

Just like back pain we see lots of people with neck pain. Using the most powerful and effective techniques we are able to get great results with neck pain. 

If you're having trouble with neck pain lets get it sorted now.

neck pain taunton
taunton chiropractor
taunton osteopath


Headaches are very common and for some people can begin ruining their lives. 
70% of headaches are caused by problems in the neck and you don't even have to have neck pain! 

Call now on 01823 219 219

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Sports Injuries

As well as the general public we also treat a variety of athletes with sports injuries. 

When treating sports injuries it is not only important to get pain free but also rehabilitate back to full fitness. 

Call now on 01823 219 219


Your brain nervous system is the most important system in your body. 

If you've got misalignment and/or restrictions in your spine this can interfere with optimal function of this system. 

If left uncorrected this can not only cause pain but also loss of optimal function to your muscles, organs and body as a whole!

As an osteopath in Taunton I am dedicated to improving the health of the community.

Call now on 01823 219 219

Osteopathy Taunton
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