The power of the nervous system.

December 10, 2016



What is the most important organ in the body? The heart? The lungs? True you can't live without either of these organs, however the brain controls both of these organs. 


When we talk about the nervous system we talk about the brain, the spinal cord and all the nerves that branch off it and go everywhere in the body. The nervous system controls every cell, tissue and organ. It controls pain, movement, organs, balance, sight, hearing, taste etc. 


So I think we can agree the nervous system is pretty important. 


Considering it's so important what we really want for you to be living a healthy, happy, energetic and full life is a nervous system that's functioning at its optimal. However when problems develop in the spine this immediately reduces the ability for your nervous system to function properly. That means all the things the nervous system controls doesn't work as well as it should. 


The goal is to have your spine moving as good as possible and as aligned as possible to ensure that the master system in your body is functioning to its full potential. This means working on posture, eating the right foods, avoiding stress and seeing your practitioner to get your spine working properly again. 

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