The Reason For Neck Pain And Headaches

What is the underlying cause...

At Taunton Health we help many people with neck pain and headaches. 

When someone comes in to the clinic with neck pain and headaches the first and most important place that to start looking at is their spine. 

Almost all the time there will be spinal misalignment and restricted movement.

It is very rare for someone to have no mis-alignments and great neck movement if they are getting neck pain and headaches. 

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Why is it like this...

So what is the cause of these problems?

How many hours a day do you spend on a computer, looking down at a phone, reading, looking down at your lunch? You are spending most of the day sat down and looking down.


Your spine is literally reshaping to this faulty posture and after years and years of being in this position, not surprisingly you get neck pain and headaches.

It’s unrealistic to expect you to stop using a computer or phone for the rest of your life so the other thing you can do is be pro-active about getting your spine fixed so that it is re-aligned and moving optimally.

How can this be done...

Before you start googling posture exercises you need to fully understand what shape your spine is in and how that relates to your symptoms.

For example is your spine in a scoliosis, kyphosis, hyper-lordosis? Does it have excessive spondylosis or a radiculopathy?

The best approach for you to get the best advice is to visit a trained professional who is able to assess, analyse and be able to explain to you exactly what is happening to your spine and what needs to be done to get you back to your best. 

We Can 01823 219 219 now and claim your £10 consultation offer.
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