The Gold Plan is our most complete program which includes:


Everything on the Bronze and Silver Programs plus...


Full Assessment Intake Forms - When you start the Gold Program you will be sent a variety of intake forms which you will need to complete and return to us. These allow us to fully analyse your life, general health and external stressors that could be holding you back from achieving your goals. 


Laboratory Test Results Interpretation - The lab tests will give us a really thorough insite into how your body is functioning internally and uncover healing oportunities that can unlock your bodies potential to be healthy, lean and back to your best once again. 

Just some of the things we look at are liver function, HPA (hypothalamic adrenal pituitary) stess profile, digestive function, oxidative stress levels and parasite and bacteria infections.    


Full D.R.E.S.S For Health Success Program - Once we have interpreted the results of your laboratory tests we will then design you a full D.R.E.S.S For Health Success program which includes diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplement protocol. 
We introduce all this to you in a one to one consultation at Taunton Health or it can be done over Skype. 


This really is a no stone left unturned approach that will give you the best possible chance to turn your health around and unlock new levels of fat loss, increased energy and bodily function. 


PLEASE NOTE --- The cost of the laboratory tests are in addition to the Gold Plan fee and will vary from person to person depending on how many we decide to run. It is advised that you contact James to discuss this before committing to the plan.