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A complete and natural approach to health and healing

Allowing your body to do the healing from the inside out

We don't guess..we test!

What could you achieve in 12 weeks?

12 Weeks To Total Health is a complete health and wellness program that works to optimise every aspect of your body and physiology to transform your health to new levels.   


Everyone was born with the ability to be healthy and well.

The key to unlocking this ability is to remove the barriers so that you can be the best possible version of yourself and live with full health and vitalism. 

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This program is designed to take someone from their current level of health and wellness and totally transform them.

Just some of the benefits people experience when are... 

Less Anxiety
Less Bloating
Improved Mood
Improved Digestion
Better Focus
Increased Energy
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Improved Fitness
Better Sleep
Improved Digestion
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The 12 Weeks To Total Health program has a number of components to it. Here are a few... 

  • Spinal adjustments to remove interference from the master control system of the body...your nervous system.

  • Nutrition and lifestyle consultations throughout the program to optimise what you eat and drink.

  • A thorough lab test at the start and finish of the program to give a clear picture of your internal environment. 

  • Specific and tailored exercise routine and recommendations to give the quickest progress.

About James

James spent over 10 years working as a personal trainer and weight loss expert in some of Londons most prestigious personal training studios. 

Now working as an Osteopath and Spinologist and also working as a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist James helps people with improving their bodies health and wellness. 

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Is the 12 Weeks To Total Health program right for you?

The 12 Weeks To Total Health program is the ideal program for anyone looking for a total shift and boost in their health, wellness and vitality. 

If you're just looking for a diet plan or some recommendations on exercise then this is not the right program for you. 


At Taunton Health we are interested in taking people through a complete and thorough program that will not only get them feeling and moving back to their best for also give them the best possible chance of reducing future illnesses and diseases. 


As well as working as a preventative program for illnesses the 12 Weeks To Total Health program is designed to allow someone who is currently battling illness or disease to get their body functioning at its best so that it can self heal and self regulate at its optimum to give you the best possible chance of a full recovery. 


If you have any questions please fill in the forms provided or visit our contact page.

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Give us 12 weeks and we'll change your life forever...