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3 Headache Tips...

About Headaches

Headaches affect 80-90% of the population at some time in their lives and can develop to get so bad that they totally wipe you out for a stretch of days!


There are a variety of different categories of headaches each with their own set of characteristics. One thing that all these different types of headaches do have in common is that there IS a reason why they're there.


70% of headaches are coming from problems in the neck! This is a massive percentage and really does mean that everyone who suffers with headaches needs to make sure they've rules this out as a possibility.


At Taunton Health we specialise in uncovering the underlying cause for your headaches so that you can better understand how to get rid of them 

We are offering a £20 consultation offer to anyone suffering with headaches so that you can learn what's causing yours and how they can be corrected. Fill in the form on this page to learn more.  

Until we can help you with your headaches though we have put together 3 headache tips to help you begin coping with yours better.

Headache Tip Number 1

How heavy is your head?

Your ear should sit directly over the mid point of your shoulder. There is a high correlation between the head being forwards and the neck losing its curvature and headaches. 

Every inch of forward head carriage you have adds 1 inch of extra pressure to the back of your neck. 

It's not unusual for us to find the head over 3 inches in front of the shoulder. This equates to over 30lb of extra pressure on the neck!

The tip that you can start implementing from today is to make sure that you are not slouching. Sit and stand up straight with your chest higher and chin up. 

Just making this small adjustment and making sure you stick with it can begin changing the intensity and frequency of headaches. 

Headache Tip Number 2

Do you have subluxations?

The neck is made up of 7 bones (vertebra) and they should all sit in alignment and all move freely in many different directions. 

A subluxation is where one or more of the bones in the neck gets stuck, stops moving properly and is out of alignment. 

This is not a good thing and causes nerve interference which can affect the body in many ways including reducing the way it performs, works and even health!


However you have headaches and pain (including headaches) can be a symptom of a subluxation. 

Ultimately you do need your neck checked by someone who is trained to find subluxations (like we do at Taunton Health) but until we see you the best thing you can do is make sure you try to keep your posture in alignment, stretch frequently and try to reduce stress. Doing these things will help to reduce the severity and frequency of subluxations occurring. 

Headache Tip Number 3


If you do have problems with your neck that are causing your headaches then often you will find that when you get stressed the problem gets worse and headaches get worse. 

This tip isn't necessarily correcting any underlying problem but what it is doing is reducing one of the triggers to your headaches.

So try things like experimenting with meditation, breathing technique and just remove yourself from stressful situations! They're damaging your body in more ways than just headaches...believe me on this one!

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  • sEMG spine scan

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