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3 Headache Tips...

About Back Pain

80% of people will at some time in their life get low back pain. If you’re reading this then you probably do have low back pain but the good news is that you’re in the right place. 


At Taunton Health low back pain is one of the most common things people come to us for. We are known for being so good with low back pain because rather than simply rubbing the painful muscles we take the time to find the underlying cause of the problem and then correct that. 


It’s obvious when you think about it…if you want to get rid of the problem then you need to correct the reason it’s there. NOT JUST CHASE THE SYMPTOMS!


To get you started on your back pain free journey we have put together 3 of the best tips you can start working on to start easing your pain. 


Here they are…

Back Pain Tip Number 1

Take more breaks.


If you find yourself sat at a desk for hours a day or having to make long car journeys, you might be able to notice a MASSIVE difference if you are able to have a 5 minute walk every 30-60 minutes. 


The pressure your discs have to take when you sit down can be almost double that as standing puts on them.

Regular little walks will take the pressure off your back, get your muscles working and importantly get the blood pumping through the area which not only brings in oxygen but also washes out waste products that build up in the lower back. 

Back Pain Tip Number 2

Bend forwards PROPERLY.


There is a good and a bad way to bend forwards and if you’re doing it the wrong way then every time you do it you’re adding stress and strain to your lower back. 


The key here is not to bend your back forwards like a banana but to try and keep it straight by tipping at the pelvis.

I’m not necessarily talking about ‘bending the knees’ which everyone seems to think. You can still bend the knees and get it wrong. I’m talking about pushing your bum backwards, keeping your chest up and keeping the back flat and strong. 


The image provided shows this well.

Back Pain Tip Number 3

Get back in alignment.


If your back is out of alignment then it could be putting pressure on your nerves and causing your pain. 

You can do all the things to ease the back and make it feel better but ultimately you need your spine put back into alignment. 


People go through years of on and off back pain because they simply chase the symptoms and as soon as the back is feeling a little better they think it’s ‘fixed’ and forget about it. Then a few weeks or months down the line it starts all over again. 

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